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Anti Red Eye

Photoshop plug-in that can remove the common "red-eye" effect from your images almost automatically
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22 September 2004

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Anti Red Eye has earned the reputation of being the best redeye-correction plug-in tool.
The red pupil effect in your pictures ruins the entire look of the picture. You can now get rid of that with this advanced correction tool. You can plug-in the tool into your Photoshop and edit the image. The plug-in adds various menu options to the Photoshop. You need to specify the area around the eye where the correction has to be made. The program identifies the redeye within the pupil which you enclosed within the rectangle. Once the problem is identified, it simply removes the red-eye effect. The tool has an intuitive interface and has an MDI interface which allows you to customize it as you like it by choosing from the different kinds of skins available.
The adjustment and correction options can be watched as the changes are made and the effects are visible in real-time.

Publisher's description

Anti Red Eye is a Photoshop plug-in that can remove a common "red-eye" effect from your images almost automatically. Using the advanced science-intensive technology, this program is able to detect a red pupil from the rectangular area, which you specify. The pupil is instantly corrected. So, all you need to do is to simply specify a rectangular area around the eye. Our program will do the rest. If you don't like the result, you can adjust the correction options, watching the results in real-time. Anti Red Eye works with Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, VCW VicMan's Photo Editor, Macromedia Fireworks and other Photoshop plug-in supporting hosts. Our recent market research reveals that Anti Red Eye is the most advanced red-eye correction plugin available on the market today.
Anti Red Eye
Anti Red Eye
Version 1.6
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